EEG Music Research

My current fellowship with NHS Lothian and the new Department of Clinical Neuroscience (DCN) is now nearing the practical stage. It is concerned with investigating ways that sound and music can be utilised in the healthcare environment. As part of…

OWM Vol.1 Release

For the last few years I have been working increasingly away from the dancefloor under my own name, and soaking up more varied influences. Other World Music will be a series of albums reflecting my explorations in these new fields,…

NHS Lothian Music Fellowship

I am happy to announce that I have just been awarded this Fellowship, alongside Florence To, as part of NHS Lothian’s redevelopment of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience in Edinburgh. The Fellowship will be in effect all year, exploring the boundaries between sonics,…

Nordoff-Robbins & SSE Commission

Recently commissioned by SSE and music therapy charity Nordoff-Robbins, ‘Seven Rare Deems’ is a piece created from recordings of music therapy sessions at Aberdeen’s Alzheimer Scotland Centre. It incorporates voice, piano, kalimba, chimes and xylophone played by the six women in…

Scottish Ballet Teaser

The new season teaser for Scottish Ballet has been released, filmed by Eve McConnachie, who shot the beautiful Sophie Laplane piece ‘Maze”. It features another unreleased piece of music of mine.

Sibilo Score Released

The score for Sophie Laplane’s ‘Sibilo’, commissioned by Scottish Ballet, is now available from Kathexis. An alternate version of the ‘Prologue’ is also here as a free download, and is the version actually used in the final dance piece:


‘Swung’, a new film from Sigma Films, directed by Colin Kennedy is premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival. And it has already picked up some international distribution. It features some original music by myself.